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Defining KPIs

What are KPIs?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) refer to a set of quantifiable measurements used to gauge a company’s overall long-term performance. KPIs specifically help determine a company's strategic, financial, and operational achievements, especially compared to those of other businesses within the same sector.”

Does your organization have KPIs set in place? Do you require that your marketing, PR and/or social media agency provide set KPIs for them to achieve? If not, how do you know if they’re really helping your organization reach goals?

KPI’s may vary from company to company. We’re here to offer a few KPIs that your organization might want to utilize based on scenarios in which we’ve encountered over the years as a full-service public relation and social media agency.

Scenario 1:

The client is interested in improving their SEO and would like targeted placements in online publications only with a UVPM (unique views per month) over a certain amount.

· Increase in organic traffic

· Percentage increase in organic conversions

· Percentage increase in traffic from specific geographical regions

· Organic Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Scenario 2:

The client is mostly interested in seeing a spike in sales during the holiday season by targeting outlets that will populate holiday gift guides whether that’s through a print publication or online publication.

· Sum of viewership for publications and websites of placements

· The number of press releases and pitches that are sent out and how they’re performing

· Number of visitors driven to the website based on earned coverage and link placement

Scenario 3:

The client is interested in a social media campaign to generate awareness, add engagement and ultimately increase the ROI. Reach: the number of people that are seeing your posts

· Engagement: the number of people that are not only seeing your posts but actually taking the time to engage with the posts

· Clicks: the number of people who are taking the time to click-through to wherever the post directs them to

· Likes: More likes, always more likes!

In conclusion, every organization is different with different goals they're hoping to achieve.

“The use of KPIs is meant to improve and transform the organizational performance.” ― Pearl Zhu, Performance Master: Take a Holistic Approach to Unlock Digital Performancerelations

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